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Work Relationships

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here. I didn't know where else to put it.

I am really struggling at work. It's like a really long story, and s**t started happening back in June/July last year. If it wasn't for my family and my partner (which I am in long distance with so it doesn't really help me mentally I don't think but anyways), I would be a lot worse than I am mentally.

I love my job. the work I do. I work for a community club and just have to put the club in the community. I get to meet new people, provide opportunities for them to fundraise, socialise, be entertained, and more. It's great. We have approx 100 staff in the club, and I am close to a fraction of them on the floor in a work environment.

I am on a Manager's level. in my team there is myself, Community Liaison, another girl (Events/Entertainment Coordinator) and one other girl (Advertising/boss's daughter/best friends with Events/Entertainment Coordinator) and the boss of the whole club. These three people are the reason I can't sleep at night, my mental state is scrambled beyond stablisation and I am anxious a lot of the time.

We are going through training for having better culture in our work environment and it's great. I love it. we need it. but I do not fit in with the 'culture' of these 3. i don't get invited to lunches (just today - which has my fretting even now - I was at a training session with these 3 for 5 hours and then we head back to the club where they have lunch pre-ordered and waiting for them to come and eat. I was with them the whole morning & not a mention of 'oh we've pre-ordered lunch, do you want anything? join us for lunch, etc. etc.). The advertising girl ignores my requests for advertisements that I put in for in December and constantly chased up about, asking if she had any questions. xWe are going through training for having better culture in our work environment and it's great.

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Community Champion

Dear Bbc123~

Welcome here to the Forum, I don't like the situation you have described and really thing you have three problems, and I"m sure I"m not telling oyu anything you do not know, just making a list.

The first is that it looks like the enterprise is run by a family clique, and no amount of outside "best performance" training is likely to affect that.

Worse, one of the members of the clique does not do her job

Finally- and this is in this context a disadvantage - you like your work so are not keen to move on.

What to do?

Well I guess you could put up with it, develop workarounds for missing adverts and endure being the outsider - would you want to do this? it sounds pretty corrosive and soul-destroying to me.

Second you can ensure via that training all have duty statements, things that include time-lines, so when something has been documented the clock is running and reasonable complaints can be made -well, perhaps, if someone sensible with enough power can be appealed to.

Third you could pick on the most sympathetic link in the family clique and explain the two problems -see how it goes. If it was me I might give that a try. Perhaps you would not agree. If you do please do not feel weak or that it is a trivial matter -it is not, it is fundamental to your welfare -and that of the company.

Last of course is to look for another position.

OK, I've been rather blunt, I apologize. I can well understand your position because I've been in similar myself. After appeals met with words and no action I left, however I was in the lucky position I could afford to despite loving the job itself.

Please let me know what you think