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wife left after 23 years.I am not coping

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hi, I am new here and 3 months ago my wife told me she is leaving as she doesn't love me anymore.I had no idea it was coming.she told me a week before my 50th birthday.After the initial shock,I am now struggling with panic attacks anxiety and depression. My GP put me on medication which made things worse.I am now on a different medication which is easier for me to adjust to.I am trying to come to terms with the fact she is not coming back.I lost 12 kilos in 3 months and have insomnia.can anyone tell me about their experience with insomnia and anxiety or antidepressants? Can I expect to feel better soon I started 2 weeks ago on the new AD. I also meditate everyday to calm the anxiety.Any suggestions on ways to cope is welcomed.It's like being paralysed.I find everything so hard and have lost my energy.
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Welcome to BB. Im on dual anti anxiety /antidepressants. Single tablet. For me i love them. Years of different meds before finally finding the one that was right for me. Zero side effects.

So please keep trying it is worth it. One of my freinds suffers the same condition as i do but is happy on totally different meds.

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Yes persist. Ot takes several weeks for meds to work fully.


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