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Wife in denial

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A couple of months ago I noticed my wife displaying the following symptoms, pushing our children & I away, shunning physical touch, staying in our bedroom most of the day, listening to extremely loud music, tired all the time & has a nap every afternoon. We have tried to discuss this with her but she flatty refuses to accept that she needs help & says it's all my fault. She has now decided that she is giving up on our marraige of 20+ years & will find a full time jobe & leave me, even though she is truggling to maintain a part time job currently. She is happy to live in the same house & carry on until she can set herself up but she doesn't see any other option. My family & I are worried sick about her & feel so helpless & don't know what to do anymore. This is tearing us apart & she seem oblivious to it. I'm sure others have faced similar situations & I'm not the first to experience this. I would appreciate any advice or support as I don't know how long I can keep this all together anymore.

Thank you

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Hi Manny, That sounds really stressful, she is fortunate to have such an insightful and caring partner though.

What she's doing doesn't make much sense. Is she on the internet much? Could she be addicted to something or other on the net?

Yes, she spends a fair amount of time on her tablet playing games.

Hi Manny, I would like to suggest that you try to find out more about those games. I've read that people can get very close to their gaming partners, even if they never met them. Do you know any of the games? Some are worse than others. If you can find out whats really wrong, is she too close to someone on the internet, maybe you can fix it before its too late..

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Manny,

I'm not sure of the age of your wife but could menopause possibly be the culprit?