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why does my family treat me so poorly?

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Honestly, I don't know how to feel and if my family is treating me very poorly and abnormally. i know my family love me but as dramatic as this sounds sometimes i feel like they hate me, i would say that i'm pretty kind and nice and similar to my father but i feel like my mother and brother always just feel the need to either yell at me or complain to me.

my mother is always yelling at me for instance when i go into priceline to buy makeup she starts yelling full on at me or one time i fell and twisted my ankle and instead of helping me she started screaming at me and asking why i was on the floor.

they both scream at me my brother uses the excuse that oh i'm older and together they complain about one another to me and to top that off they also start talking about me to each other and when i confront them they just start saying im dramatic.

addition to this my mother always complains to me about how she can't afford anything and how she has a headache and lastly i deal with depression and they all just don't get it. whenever i'm crying or just not talking i'm getting yelled at, i tell them idk why i'm sad because i don't know but i still am being bombarded with why are you crying huh? (note that my mother wanted to be a therapist)

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i know how you feel, although im not going to be much help, i just want you to know, that im in he same boat at the moment, with my little sisters, my mum and my dad. nothing i do pleases them. nothing i do is good enough. i honestly know how you feel. and it hurts so much, i have ptsd, and my dad believes im making all of it, because i put on a smile. i cant talk to anyone in my family with out being made to feel like crap for feeling the way im feeling. my sisters hit me, and my mother verbally abuses me. if you want someone to talk to im here for you. 🙂

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Hey violethoney,

Welcome to the BB forums, and sorry to hear that you're going through a rough time with your family. I imagine it must be very hard on you to be treated this way by your family.

I have a few questions so I can understand the situation better, but feel free to answer as much or as little as you want to. 🙂

Firstly, I'm curious to know how old you are? I don't think being constantly yelled at at any age is ok, but knowing how old you are might help me (and others) to guide you to more relevant places for help.

You said that you're very nice and kind like your dad; does he live with your mum, brother and you? And if so, does he ever step in and ask your mum or your brother why they treat you that way?

Do you have another family member that you can talk to about this? Maybe a grandparents, or an aunt/uncle/cousin? And do you currently see a professional in regards to your depression?

I don't think that being in that sort of environment is good for your wellbeing at all so hopefully we can help you out.

Stay strong x


i'm 14, yes my father lives with me as well as my brother and mother and sadly I have no family to talk to, my grandparents live 1 hour away from me and honestly, I'm not very close to my family.

thank you so much for taking time out of your day and honestly i don't know how to feel they love me and i get along with them but a lot of the time i just feel like they don't get it and it's like everyone thinks i'm fine with dealing with everything

thank you so much for replying and please stay strong even though it may not help as well i hope you are okay and same goes if you ever need to talk to me please do :))

Hey violethoney,

So sorry I didn’t responsed to you earlier, I’ve just had a ridiculously busy week.

My advice would be to try and reach out to the school counsellor, or maybe even a GP who can connect you with another health professional. I think having someone to talk to is important for you.

Also, health professionals will be able to explain to your family (with your permission of course) how you feel about how you’re being treated. I think sometimes as much as you may try to explain to someone that you don’t need like how they’re treating you or what they’re doing, it sometimes takes an external person to really get them to understand.

unicornprincess x