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Why do i feel so lonely....

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hi everybody,

this is the first time im posting so sorry if i haven done it right.

i feel so lonley and everyday is a struggle to get up, my partner loves me but it doesnt feel like he wants me he is more interested in gaming than me. my family say they support me but they dont try to help me or talk to me. i have no friends at all only my parnter and family and it just feels like there not here. i just wish i had friends that i could hang out with and not feel so alone everyday, all i do is sit in bed and watch tv no one talks to me i have no one...

when i try to make friends they think im weird and i dont know what i do to make them think that way, i know i have severe anxiety and depression but i put on a happy face everyday so how can i not have friends by now... i just want someone who will listen and want to hang out with me but i cant even do that right. i cant keep anyone in my life i loose everyone i care about... i just dont know what to do anymore to get through a day?? or just life in general??

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Miss_Rhi_Rhi

Welcome to the forums and good on you for having the courage to post too!

I understand when you mention feeling weird when it comes to making friends as I have also had anxiety/depression for a long time now and I have also found it difficult to do the same

Can I ask you if you have been diagnosed with anxiety/depression? The reason I ask is so we can support you more effectively with your post 🙂

I understand its a pain when we have a partner that is more interested in gaming and that would make anyone lonely as you mentioned

I see my doc every month for a 'tune up' where my depression is concerned. I have had it for 21 years now but it has been better since I have started getting some help for it.

There are many gentle people on the forums that can be here for you Miss_Rhi_Rhi

The forums are a judgement free forum and your privacy is paramount to us

It would be great if you could stick around the forums 🙂

My kind thoughts


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Miss _Rhi_Rhi,

I too welcome you to the community here. You post is perfectly okay, so don't worry about that.

Sorry to read you are feeling lonely. It can be hard when a partner has interests that seem to exclude you. Is it possible for you to join in with the gaming, or is that something you don't enjoy?

Can you at least join your partner in the same room while they are gaming? My husband loves to watch sport on T.V. I will join him on the lounge, I may be doing some craft, reading a book, doing a Sudoku puzzle or something else. It is important to me to at least be in the same room.

Maybe you could ask your partner if you can do something together, set a time and make a date so they will know you really want to spend some time together. You could be creative and find different things to do to help your partner be more interested.

Are there things you like to do by yourself? I find that once I learn not to be totally dependent on other people to make myself happy, I feel better about myself. This than helps my relationships with others too as I do not put as much pressure on myself to have them want to be with me.

Depression can make us feel isolated and like being with other people is too difficult. It is a weird thing to know we want to be with people yet find it really hard to do so. Sometimes I just need to push myself to be with other people.

Do you know how you would like your family to help and support you? Maybe you could think of something specific and then ask them to help you in that way.

Hope some of this helps!

Cheers for now from Dools

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Miss Rhi Rhi. You've mentioned that your partner loves you but maybe he's not showing it, can you say to him something like "I know you do love me, but I'd like you to show it more by spending more time with me, showing me you care and spending less time playing video games and more time with me." I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to ask, especially if you're in a loving relationship. It's all about communication! Can I ask what your current situation is? Are you working or studying? Do you have any hobbies or likes? That can be a really great way to meet people. I only have a few close friends, most are from high school/university and my job. If you're really struggling please don't hesitate to call Lifeline 131114 or here at Beyond Blue. I think seeing a psychologist might help you too - have you considered going to the doctor and talking to them about how you're feeling? Sending you love.