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Why do i feel like this?

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My friendship during these 2 years been the best. They literally the best people i ever get to have but sometimes i struggle on my own because of them for quite a while. For example today, i could not join my friends meet up after school for dinner so i was quite upset cuz they all just gone not caring much and i just walked off to go home not saying bye to them. One of them did shout out bye and said to call me but i was upset until now at 11 past so i did not go on media. We have other friend stay in my home country and they called her, having fun and all. I know it’s my fault to stay out of it purposely but are they a bit heartless too? I have been feeling left out for awhile already. They say it’s just me, i also hope so, cuz i dont want to leave them. But this is giving me anxiety and ovethinking. Many of them have each other picture taken together but me. Of course i do have with few of them too but i dont know. Help... i’m struggling.
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Hi there,

thank you for reaching out here at Beyond Blue. I am listening. Sometimes it can be quite challenging when we question our friendships and are not sure what to do. Even us adults have our difficulties. What you are experiencing is completely valid and normal. Your friends are going to have fun without you sometimes, that does not mean they do not care for you. They may realise something is up with you, however do not kow how to approach that with you themselves... maybe? As a suggestion how would you feel about picking one you feel you can trust the most and be open with for a chat on how you are feeling. Try very hard not to blame anyone and use I feel statements. Such as I feel like I am not part of anything or I have been feeling I am not part of anything and I am really struggling. I would love your support to help me through a difficulty I am battling with. Any GOOD friend would listen and do their best to support and help you. Try remember that for anything to work it takes two and everyone needs to do their bit to the best of their ability. I hope this helps you. Good luck. Rooting for you.