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When he doesnt love you anymore...

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So my Fiancè of three years has just told me he doesnt love me anymore. I love him so much...this hurts so bad. Weve built a life together and now it's just crumbled. I'm scared and confused and dont know what to do. I'm a full time uni student and rely on his income (I cant get centrelink either). I cant drive because I'm legally blind so hes the person who drives me. This is crushing and I live in the country with no public transport so its destroyed my chances of getting a job...or even getting to uni. I cant even afford to go now. I also have no friends or family I can talk to (I have no friends in general). I built my life around him. Moved to where he wanted (where theres bo public transport) and do my best to contribute to bills (even selling my beloved pets just so I can help out). What do I do?!
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Australianbelle,

I feel your sadness and deep sense of loss and hurt. Your fiancé broke your heart...

He meant everything to you, and he was also your main support person. I think it can be so confusing and devastating when someone we love unexpectedly announces that they no longer love us...that pain goes to our very core.

Then there’s also your other stresses like how you rely on him for transport and income, uni issues plus not having other people to turn to for support. I would think it all must be so overwhelming and lonely...

I’m not 100% sure what you should do, but I can offer gentle suggestions and you can see if you like my ideas or not...

Maybe it would help to try to tackle one problem at a time, such as, trying to resolve the most pressing issue right now before dealing with the next. For example, if your most pressing issue, aside from the deep heartbreak, is a loss of income, maybe that’s something to try to deal with first...

To help you do this, perhaps you might like to try calling a helpline. There’s the BeyondBlue helpline on 1300 22 4636 for emotional support and advice, or if you’re after more practical financial assistance, you might like to try calling Salvos or Anglicare.

Plus of course you’re most welcome to continue writing here if you feel comfortable doing so. We are here to support you...you can write as often as you like...

Kind and caring thoughts,