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Want to stop being lonely

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I had chance to leave family home almost 20 years ago but with sympathy regarding situation with mother I didn't. Now am in a rut where each day is a chore and though want friendship making a connection has always been difficult. Seeking social support for over 30 year Olds. This forum is a start, can anyone advise on further options?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear DC comics,

A very warm and caring welcome to our forums...

Thank you so much for being brave enough to reach out to our wonderful forums...This is a great step forward..I think you are a very caring person, putting your social life on hold to care for your mother....

Im wondering if you have searched for groups around your area that has the same interests and or hobbies that you enjoy doing....meeting like minded people in hobbies etc is a good way to start....or checking in with the library for what groups they have there...

Its strange isn’t it..the older we get the harder it seems to get a connection with people, to be able to make friends...when we are little children it was easy to just walk up to another child then start talking, then..straight away a friendship is growing...

During these times of lockdowns it’s getting harder to connect with people...

Talk here dear Dc comics...do you like comics?

My kindest thoughts DC comics.


I am also feeling very lonely. My partner .... who I thought was my best friend ... suddenly left me ... and seemingly without remorse. I feel lost. Sad. Betrayed. Old.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Mickydrops~

Welcome here to the Forum, I'm glad you came as it is a part of life that is shattering. To have a partner and best friend leave strikes at the foundations of your world.

No wonder you feel lost, sad and betrayed. It fills one with self doubt, no confidence and here seems to be no direction to head towards.

I hope you feel anger at this too, it helped me.

Do you have any family or friends you can lean on at the moment? They just have to listen patiently (as you'll want to go over and over it) , they do not have to fix anything, just care. It can help.

Old is relative, I remarried in middle age and we have been together happily for around 25 years now.

Would you like to come back and say more about what happened and how your circumstances are now? - You would be most welcome