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Used and tossed aside

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A couple of years ago I was on Facebook and one of my female cousins had a friend who I'll call TC short for her name. I saw her profile pic and instantly found her to be exceptionally beautiful. At the time she was on again off again with her partner and was pregnant with his child so I never got the opportunity to meet her or take her on a date. I then moved away from Adelaide to Sydney for 18 months. I relocated back to Adelaide on the 3rd of June. Since I have been back I have asked if she would be interested in meeting up and she expressed interest in doing so. About two weeks ago on the 8th of July she rings me up at about between 11pm and 12am drunk and somewhat scared because where she lives there are multiple units and some guys that live in the other units had propositioned her and it freaked her out. She called me because she had no one else to turn to and I wanted to be there for her to show her I care. I spent the night sleeping next to her nothing seedy happened. I've liked this girl and I thought this might be a way to show her who I am not from chatting online. Anyway the next day I go home and get a message saying she just wants to be friends and how she is happier being single and looking after her little boy than to have someone in her life. I say I understand...even though it's not what I want. But I felt she has already made up her mind. Since that happened some of her other support network friends severed their relationship and I was resolved to offering too help her out whenever she needed it..was bending over backward so much just to show her I cared and liked her and wanted to be there for her and her son...his father doesn't want anything to do with him anymore..anyway fast forward to tonight..she posts a pic of herself on facebook cosied up to some other guy despite saying she was happier being single. That hurt a lot. I would have done everything in my power to make her happy and feel cared for and this is what I get..not even a chance at all
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Blue Voices Member
Hi there so sorry she has treated you this way as they say if u love them let them go and if they come back it was meant to be. You sound like such a beautiful person with a beautiful nature never stop being u there is a girl out there for u i know thereis there r lots of girls who would love to have such a sincere guy by their side u don't to see her posts they will just upset and dishearten u believe me u can and u will find the girl that's meant to be with you. And u definitely didn't deserve that slap in the face she gave you always here for u to chat glad you have joined us xx hope to speak with you soon venessa

It just honestly never occurred to me that she would be like that. All I could see when I saw photos of her is someone kind and caring. When I was at her house on the Saturday morning I let her sleep because I felt she needed to catch up on rest and while she was sleeping I looked after her little feller...not that I did so because she was sleeping but I just wanted to help her. Not alot would have done that and I'd do it a million times again if it meant it helped her

Yes girls will seem to amaze u there is probably stuff in her head that she needs to sort out but she is not ready to face it that is very sweet of you looking after her little one while she slept ur right not many would have done it the fact that you would do it all over again and more i can c u really love her which is beautiful but please look after ur emotional well being in the midst of it. Your a very special guy thanks for coming back to me xx venessa

Not long after writing my first message last night on this thread this woman TC texted me telling me her son has a virus and she has a chest infection and that she needed me. So like a fool possibly I caught a taxi all the way to her house just after midnight. We drank some wine. Had some soup and talked a bit. Then this morning just left me with a lingering thought, that she only seems to want my company when she needs it. At the point when she will stop needing help I suspect I will become useless to her. She was saying she could have called some other guys to help her but they would have expected sexual favours from her in return. Where as myself I don't want to be there for her only if I get repaid with sex. I want much more from her. Something along the lines of a romantic relationship

Hey man. You're a nice guy, don't let her take advantage of you. The only way to sort his out is to escalate. Make a move. Take it to the next level. If she doesn't respond don't take it to heart just move on. You need to get out of the friend zone. I'm not trying to be nasty, I just want you to get out of this rut with this woman so you're not stuck in no man's land

Ok well u need to be direct with her then don't just let her think she has u at every beck and call i don't want to c her take advantage of ur beautiful soul u deserve more xx lay it out on the table if she is worried about the whole commitment relationship thingy then u must let urself move on from this and find someone who recipricates those feelings. Its a two way game u deserve the happiness owed to y thanks for coming back to me xx

I asked her about this other guy she was taking pics with and she kind of brushed me aside. During our conversation she went to sleep. Think I will seperate myself from her for a while. Don't need to be treated like that. Already feel bad enough

Interesting i believe that is a good idea to save ur sanity use it as a learning experience after all life is one big learning curve xx always here if u need to talk and I have no doubt u will be snapped up with the love u deserve xx take care and feel free to post anytime you want ☺

Thanks Fairy Wings I appreciate your input. I don't really know if I believe in love anymore. Nothing has ever made me convinced it exists. All I see is a world of hatred. People that take advantage of others. That's not love at all