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Unwanted wife - I am lost what should I do?

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I don't know what to do:

I have been with my husband for 11 years, been married for 8 year...My husband told  me yesterday that he does not have the same feeling towards me but he still loves me: I am so confused and does not understand what it means?

Our marriage has been up and down as all marriage are with one exception: He said that his been talking to other girls on Facebook & change his status as single...when I asked him if he's cheated on me he said that he have not cheated on me but I think he's lying..he's always on his mobile and when I asked who is messaging him....he always said that he's checking his email 😞  plus everytime we go out he always checking out other girls or stare at them up & down makes me feel so uncomfortable and when I tell him to stop looking at other girls he gets angry at me 😞 

I get really upset and have no family to talk to about this and they are all overseas: and I feel embarrassed talking to my friends about this as I feel that he's disrespected me and I don't want my friends to feel that he's a bad person.

I am stupid for letting him doing this?

I told him if we can work things out and he doesn't want to work things out because he doesn't think that its going to work 😞  He's ready to move on and its so hard for me to move on because he's my first partner /husband.I feel that he just broke my heart in many pieces and that's its going to be hard to put them back together..HELP ME

I need to prepare myself and move on but its so hard: what do I do?


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Oh"Ci" ... I'm so sorry to hear your story. Firstly know that you are a wonderful and special person ... and that nothing that happens can ever take that away from you. You remained faithful and honest ... he didn't. You are the strong one ... he isn't.

Secondly, the unfortunate thing in life is, people do change ..... and sometimes not for the better. Some people become more and more shallow and flighty (especially some men, who, at a certain age want to 'experiment' --- they're actually scared stiff that they're losing their youth or looks or body and to "prove" to themselves they've still "got it" they do really stupid things that one day they will regret).

Take each day at a time ... try to relax about the whole thing ... like I said, know in your head and heart that you are the strong one ... and if you have to, reach out to your friends or even close neighbours for help. stay in touch on this site as there are many wonderful people here who can listen to you, advise you, share their experiences (which may help you in yours) and care. Okay?

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Hi Zan..thank you for the response.. Yes I hear you I need t look after myself and concentrate what's best for me..

its very hard to let it go but then in another hand I m suffering and he's not. He doesn't seems to care about my feeling..but that's OK I forgive him and I hope one day he regret this. 

I noticed people in here have different stories to tell and its good to let out...thanks again Zan