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Understanding Mixed Signals

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Hi, I have recently reconnected with someone from past that I had a long term relationship with. It had been many years with no contact. We have been getting along really well and enjoy each other's company, however all of a sudden the messages got less and questions went unanswered and I started to feel distance forming between us. When I asked what was happening, I was told it was stress about other issues, all was still OK but needed a break to sort themselves out, but still loved me and still looking positive for the future. I now haven't heard anything for over a week. Should I consider this over? Or should I just continue to give some time and space as asked for and maybe there is still a chance to move forward with the relationship?
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white knight
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Hi welcome

I think one week isnt near long enough a break to "sort themselves out". You run the risk of them feeling flooded and not getting the freedom of mind they want and need.

Sometimes this "sorting out" reason is just an excuse to avoid conflict or great upset.

Either way I'd give them 3 weeks or so and by then I'd expect some sort of clarity as to any progress. If you feel you are being avoided then its time to move on.


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Lost soul

welcome to the forum and thanks for your post.

I agree with Tony one week isn’t enough but I would probably give them time they need. If it is an issue outside your relationship it make take time. Also reconnecting after a long time part may bring up many issues from the past. I