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Still thinking about my ex

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey guys,

Still thinking about my ex even though we broke up almost 4 months ago. We weren’t even together for that long (about 8 months). But in my mind it seems like it was such an enjoyable time together and I’m disappointed it ended.

Maybe I’m just hurt from how it ended - one Friday she told me she was staying home for the evening. I then saw her while I was out. She didn’t pick up her phone when I called...then I walked up to her and told her it was best we end things because clearly she didn’t want to see me.

The problem for me is the way I’m feeling, not thinking. I am actually pretty rational about it all and realise we had some underlying differences that couldn’t be tolerated and that we value different things in life. But I still feel like I’m missing something.

As always, any advice is much appreciated.


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Ht Ben, nice to see you back, but trust in a relationship is always vital but once it's broken and you find out, not the way you would anticipate, then that hurts.

She hasn't been honest with you and didn't appreciate all the things you love in life, so maybe your values were different and wanted to go her way.

It's better now than much later on in the relationship when plans had been made.

Help and understanding each other in all facets of life is important when a couple plan a long relationship, but she has done the opposite.



Community Member

I wouldn't say this is abnormal, A few years ago I broke up with a long term girlfriend and it took me over a year to stop thinking about her regularly.

My only advise would be to just keep yourself busy, delve into a hobbie connect with friends more. "Getting over" someone just unfortunately takes time.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thanks for the responses Geoff and Dan. I guess it just comes in phases, I have been stuck at home sick for the last week so its probably been because of that.