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Still hurting

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Hay so have had 3 other realationshipps and i no well that breakups really suck . But this girl i was with well i really thought she was the one . Now she only just broke up with me bout 2 weeks ago so yer i no its only early days . But i was to scared to get emotionally attached to some again . Abd i was eventually able to open my self up to her n told her all this, she took it all on board . The usual promises of shed never leave and i no my clinginess was part of the reason she did leave . But gooddam im soo depressed part of me hates her for leaving . Part of me would take her back in a heart beat . After she broke up with me she played mind games sayin we were completly over but talking like therr was a chance and now in last week she just ignores me i dont no wat to do . I have the constant thoughts of maybe i should just give up on life . Least i no i wouldnt have to deal with this pain . But i no i cant do that to the few people that have been there for me and were a shoulder to cry on after . How do u stop thinkin of her . Do i hold on to hope and just maybe wait n see if she makes contact . Like my minds all over the place /:
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I know for me i couldnt have a healthy relationship untill i got help to deal with my Codepebdancy. Id be the perfect gf for the first week or so then get over clingy and call the bf like 10 times a day or text. Heck untill i got to that point a few of the guys actually proposed. 1 even put up with me enough to marry me. But inside i was never complete. Hubby 1 was a caretaker/control personality.

When i finally decided that to be happy i would need to live my life alone then BANG curve ball met the love of my life and 17 years later and a teenager together we are still strong.

Maybe see a theropist. It worked for me and then some. To be happy i needed me

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Mr fitz, welcome

Its a tough time for you right now.

Time is a good healer. Distraction helps. So google these

Topic: distraction and variety- beyondblue

Topic: the best praise you'll ever get- beyondblue

Good luck and take care of yourself.