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stealing from my wallet

Community Member
My partner steals cash from my wallet, have resorted to hiding my wallet, she finds it anyway. Im thinking of writing a note and taping it to the money so she knows that I know.
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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion
Hi, welcome

Your idea isn't such a bad one.

Maybe take the money out and leave a note like "no there no money but if you asked me then I'd consider lending you some because in every other way I think you're amazing"

So mix up words to include something positive to work on. You don't have to squeeze a lemon much to get enough juice... Stay calm


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Hi Overblue, welcome. Nice profile picture.

I'm sorry your partner does that, they seem very toxic to you. That's a good idea. Yeah TonyWK's idea sounds good. Hopefully you can work things out. Sorry my comment isn't much help but I do care. Thinking of you, I hope things get better and this doesn't happen any longer, and that you have enough money.