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Spiraling thoughts

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Since my last post I’ve been diagnosed with extremely severe depression, anxiety and stress. I have been prescribed medication which works for the better part. But then it hits me like a brick wall and I’m down - and it’s a long long way down!

She is still communicating with me, but is persistent in her path of not wanting to reconcile. I’ve tried so much now that I feel like I’m about to fall off the edge of the earth, it feels like my support group is dwindling (sick of my determination to get her back perhaps), and I feel like I’ve run out of people to talk to.

Thoughts got rather out of control today, which scares the hell out of me.... and sets alarm bells screaming. But I can’t leave my girls!

Just spent a few days away on an enjoyable trip, but the thoughts continue to come back to her and how much I Iove her. 10 weeks and it feels worse now!

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Champion Alumni

Hello Imploded Soul

I dont blame you for feeling the way you do. If you can forgive me for not being aware of your prior situation.

Can I ask why your partner wont reconcile?

I am on meds too.....for diagnosed depression and anxiety....you are not on your own


Hi Paul

she believes she tried to resolve our issues for a number of years before she left. She also entered another relationship 4 days after leaving.