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Share Mortgage, mental and emotional at home not stable, verbal abuse

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Married and have a toddler now, I want to get out the house so bad...don’t know how... if I do move out now, I still have to pay mortgage because he can’t afford to pay the house we are living in... he have another property that is rented out ... I’m so stuck ... no one can help me... I do have a job ... we don’t not talk or have conversation at all at home, is been nearly a year... he makes me feel so useless
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Sorry to hear that you are in a situation where you feel that no one can help you. Have you ever tried calling the Beyond Blue line or lifeline they might have some suggestions?

It's great that you have a job but not so great your partner is making you feel so useless and you want out.

I've been in the situation of wanting out a few times and left although I didn't have financial ties with the person. Do you think talking to a lawyer or financial adviser would help?

I'm just throwing around some suggestions as I don't want you to feel stuck where you are. I know what it's like to be around horrible/disrespectful men and so glad I got out.

Keep writing if you feel it helps and hopefully your situation changes for you even if you simply have more time away from him. Can you stay with family or friends at all?

All the best.

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Community Champion


Sorry to read that you feel so low at the moment - things at home do not sound very nice presently.

firstly you are not being useless from the little you have posted - you are a mother, a wife, a provider, you also work to keep things afloat. And now you have some other issues to deal with if that was not enough - the mortgage and a non-communicative relationship if nothing else.

Do you have any family you can talk to? Or people at work?

Is your wanting to get out because of where the relationship is at? Or financial? Or both?

All I know is that when my wife and I had first (and second) child and living off a single income things were quite challenging.

I would like to hear more of your story - and maybe point you in the right direction for getting whatever help you need. I mean, if you did get out, where would you go? Would that resolve the problem? There is so much more to your story. Perhaps if you were able to talk it through with someone, you might find the answers you are looking for?