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Seperated and living together

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Hi everyone,

I am a bit lost tonight and thought I would share my story so far. I have bipolar and my life has been up and down, when I am manic I wouldn't be easy to live and my wife who I have been with for 14 years has endured her fair share of it.

Today she announced that as of today we are separated and she will start dating although apparently she has not met anyone yet. It is hard for me to accept as I still love her and want our marriage to work - particularly as we have two boys and I don't want to miss out on seeing them every day. I don't have anywhere to go so she kindly suggested we live together while separated. As well as suffering from bipolar I get bouts of depression and anxiety so I am concerned how i am going to handle these changes, particularly how I will cope living together if she starts dating someone.

Maybe I missed the signs, but I don't know what to do.. any advice would be most helpful.


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Champion Alumni
Hello Guest, welcome to the site.

Your wife wants to separate, which I'm really sorry about, but you are going to find it very difficult if she brings someone home, this will cause arguments and not be the best arrangement.

It's not your fault that you have bipolar, depression and anxiety but hope you have been seeing your doctor as well as a psychiatrist.

Have you both been to counselling as you have 2 boys who are involved, so this is a concern.

Has your wife asked for a divorce or happy being separated but living together, but no it would be tasteless, wrong for her to bring someone home, I know that I wouldn't like it one bit.

I think that a better solution should be found, because to date while you are still married isn't a suitable option.

Kind Wishes.