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Scared something will happen to newborn.

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Hi everyone.

i gave birth 10 days ago to a beautiful son, at 5 days old we ended up back in hospital as he hd a temp of 38.2, we were discharged 2 days ago and since being discharged my anxiety has peaked and gone through the roof so bad that i had to be forced to have a shower, i can barely eat nd i barely sleep as i am petrified something is going to happen to him.

I have support people around me (husband & sister) that are staying with me through this time but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. My brain wont shut off and i can barely sleep, i am sleeping about 4 hours a night.

I dont know how to stop this feeling and its getting worse with everyday that passes. 🥺

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Blue Voices Member

Macka from another parent call in a locum doctor nurse on call even go to your local chemist shop they can help. I had to learn the hard way with little to no support from family some from friends plus life experience the rest I was a fast learner


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Congratulations on your new baby.

Having your first baby is nerve wracking at the best time but with your health scare it is natural you will be anxious.

when my first grandchild was born I felt so scared and forget everything I knew bringing up my own children.4hrs sleep a night for a mum of a newborn I would say would be about the average.

do you have a supportive doctor or a baby health nurse you can ring f when you feel you need to talk to someone.

you need to trust your doctor and health professionals and ask questions if you need to.

Hold your baby as much as you can.


Hi Quirky.

This is actually baby number 4 for me but i have never had to take any of my other 3 back to the hospital so soon after birth.

I am just so scared, worried, anxious, you name it i am feeling it. I just dont know what to do, i have no idea how to over come this feeing that something is going to happen.

I stay awake till i cant keep my eyes open any longer but i still wake up to my baby when he wakes for feeds.

I have suffered with health anxiety about myself but never for one of kids.

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Community Champion


Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry I assumed it was your first.

I can u derstand why you would feel like that with your baby whether it is your first or your fourth.

It can be as you know so worrying when they are so small.

I know you have your husband and sister there, and I mentioned before about a health nruse you could confide in? Do you get home visits or go to a local health centre.

Even without having your health anxiety, having your baby have a high temp so soon after birth it would be a major concern.

Can you speak to your doctor , do you have a psychologist you can talk to.?

is there are time say during the day when you are not as anxious?

Would you feel able to take the baby to the park. ? Do you have other children at home?

I understand this is ery difficult for you, if your baby stays healthy will tha help to lessen you worrying.

Feel freej to post here as much as you like and let us know how you are going?



thanks for the reply.

I dont think my anxiety will get better until baby has his needles at 6 weeks but even then i will be anxious.

I dont want to take baby out anywhere till he gets his needles, i am pretty much anxious all day and night.

I am on a wait list for mental health team to come see me.

I just wish it was all different and i could be enjoying having my baby home but instead i am constantly worrying there is something wrong with him, i felt less anxious in the hospital as there were nurses and doctors around and at home my anxiety has just gone through the roof.

I am taking my meds but they havent kicked in yet.

Yes i have other kids at home.

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Macka

i am glad you wrote .. I was wondering if I may suggest something that I think would help . Well give a bit of relief somehow . I had my son many years ago ..and boy was I stressed and just plain exhaustion , couldn’t sleep when I was suppose to as I was just worried some thing would happen . I wished someone had suggested these to me.

music ...meditation music ..happy music ..try Jason Stephenson ...meditation ...positive manifestations .just search him up on YouTube.. just have him on in the background , this guy actually came through lots of time for me ..lol more than my ex husband did..hahahaha..so give it a burl.

..he probably have one for baby maybe too . Just let it play on all day ..it just takes the edge off a little ..I hope it does that for you until the health team gets to you ..I hope these will provide some relief .

stay well

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Macka,

That must have been terrible to have to go back to hospital so soon. I have suffered from health anxiety most of my life so can relate to that total, all consuming worry. I used to be terrified that something terrible would happen, and guess what, something terrible did happen - I had a stroke at 30. And it was only then that I realized, I had spent all that time, wasting my good health, worrying about something that may or may not happen. Now I just treat every day as a blessing, because tomorrow is never guaranteed and there’s no point worrying about something that I can’t control. So I deal with each day as it comes, that’s all any of us can do.

Hi Juliet.

I have suffered with health anxiety aa well and definitely know that feeling, the anxiety i feel about my baby is worse though which sucks as i want to enjoy him being this small and all the new things he will do but i can not get over the fact something will happen to him i am going out of my way to buy monitors to monitor his breathing as i am petrified he will stop breathing (SIDS). I have tried everything to stop feeling this way but nothing seems to help. I know there are some things we cant control but i am not accepting that at this point even though i have tried my hardest.

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Community Champion


Thanks for your reply.

I understand how hard you are trying and how much you are worried about your son.

Inwondernif younlocla health nurse or doctor would know of any supposrtbgroups online so you could talk to someone who has been through what you are going through.

i appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you are coping.