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Scard for my daughter

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Blue Voices Member
The other day my daughter (16) was asking about people. Who either turn toward eating, or stop eating. When they are depressed. She explained she was sad because a friends dog had died some time back. She was missing the dog. Plus her mother died in 2002. She naturally misses her. We do have a good relationship , we can talk on any thing. She even asks embarrassing questions for me to answer. I am left to answer  yes plus I have to fill in the blanks about sex ed and woman's issues. A good around dad I hope i am.
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Blue Voices Member

Hi kanga brumby,

Keep up the great work mate. With research and talking you and your daughter can find solutions to most things. Missing those that we have lost is hard, I know, I lost my mom at an early age and it took me a long time to improve my understanding of my response. These days I choose not to miss my mum I choose to think of her with love, she would want me to be happy, not sad. The friend's dog may have brought some stuff back up for your daughter, as you know death is very hard for all of us to come to terms with.

Is your daughter having trouble with her eating or is she thinking of someone else? It's definitely something you want to keep your eye on and seek professional support if you think it might be getting out of hand. I reckon you are a good dad KB.


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Champion Alumni

dear Kanga_Brumby, it's great that you have posted a comment.

The answer to your first question is yes when people suffer from depression of any form they can suffer all different types of reactions.

If you google about 'eating in depression' a whole site will appear, and there is much to be read.

I can only be proud of you for what you are doing with your daughter, and I'm sure there will be questions that will make you blush, but she has to know from someone who may have been there, rather than the gossip she hears from her school mates.

Good on you and well done. Geoff.


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Champion Alumni

Hi Kanga-Brumby,

I want to congratulate you on being there for your daughter!

Just a thought, are you a member of a local library? There are some amazing books out there now to help young adults with all kinds of issues from sex to the loss of loved ones and everything else in between!

The staff at the library could certainly help point you in the right direction if you are requiring any ideas on how to talk with your daughter about some of these issues.

You could always read the book first yourself then recommend your daughter do so, or share bits of information with her.

My husband and I were not able to have children, but I have seen one of my nieces really struggle through her life. Her parents are there for her and I have tried to be a support as well, but she has really struggled and has made a few bad choices along the way.

 I hope you and your daughter always have an open and caring relationship. It is very important she has you to talk with.

Cheers for now from Mrs. Dools

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Blue Voices Member
Thanks all. Some of my daughters questions have left me red faced with embarrassment. But good old dad still answered it truthfully. thanks all

Hi, wish I had a Dad like you when I was growing up, or at least a Mum who was willing to answer questions!

Red faced or now, you deserve a medal!

Don't want a medal, just a chest to pon it on.

Still think your daughter is very lucky to have a Dad who is willing to be there for her.

If you don't mind me asking, how does she cope with the fact she doesn't have her Mum with her?

Does she have Aunties or older female cousins or friends she can chat with?

I hope she has some wonderful girlfriends to help her along as well.

Maybe you don't need a medal, just hope you can continue to have open discussions with your daughter. Sounds like you are doing an excellent job!

Young people seem to know so much about life these days it amazes me! I heard of one Mum who was handing out condoms at her daughter's 14th birthday! That horrified me!

Maybe I am a little old fashioned but I thought that was just wrong!

  1. Well Doolhoof she has 3 fantastic Aunties 1 arghh  Aunt who at least tries to help, who sometimes comes up with her own information. ( Who will embellish some stories , but why let the truth get in the way of a good story from the aunt), Then we have a few older females who are helpful. Even some who new her mother who are good for an story about her mum or her as a baby.