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Reopening toxic relationships

Community Member
I've only had a small amount of friends on my life and have had almost all unfriend for various reasons but I'm struggling with loneliness and have attempted to reach out to these people on social media only to reopen old wounds I only have my husband and mum in my life atm and I'm really shy and it takes me along time to actually talk to people so it hard to just try and make new friendships but always going back to the old ones is destroying me
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Ss88 and welcome to the forums.This is a great safe place to talk. Lonelyness on here is a big issue.A lot of Pepe are struggling with it and are not finding it easy to make new friends.Goinh back to old friends who are destroying you does not sound like the answer.I can suggest joining clubs and things you are interested in but you probably already know this.I am a shy person to and find it hard to make friends to.I am glad you have your husband and mum in your life.
This is great place to talk and is non judgemental.
Take care,

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Hi, welcome.

I'm sorry you're lonely, I am too. I've been desperate and contacted toxic people too. Personally I don't think it's a good idea and better to branch out on places like this because it's anonymous and a caring, safe, judgemental free place, so we all understand one another since we're dealing with the same or similar things.

I think it's a bad idea for you to get back in contact with toxic people. They're obviously toxic for a reason and if they upset you, they have no place in your life. You're better off without them. Trust me I've been there, it's not worth it, you'll only get hurt again.