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Relationship troubles

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Hi, first time posting.

I am having some troubles in my relationship, there seems to be no romance anymore which has then lead to further issues where we just end up always being grumpy with each other and not always getting along the way we use to. I feel as though its mainly my fault as im always a negative thinker and just somehow always manage to talk myself out of anything, i have tried to change the way i think but its just so difficult to change or to know where to start. I feel as though our relationship is starting to fall apart and that is the last thing i want.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Newmum, a warm welcome to the forums.

Your name could indicate that you maybe a new mum I wonder whether this is the case, let me tell you how sorry I feel for you.

Are you able to get back to us.

Best wishes.


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Hi geoff,

Thank you!

Yes I am but the issues unfortunately had started before this, it wasn't until after we had a child that it became more known to us both and that i worked out what issues i was having within myself.


Hi NM, thanks for getting back.

I'm sorry that this has happened and would dearly love to ask you some questions, but I have to be careful how I word them, otherwise my comment won't be accepted.

Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions and please don't blame yourself for believing you are to blame, you're not and these negative thoughts are a real worry, so the first place to start is with your doctor who can then diagnose you and offer more convenient treatment for you.

If I and anyone else keeps talking with you then you may say what I'm after, once you do say something then we can mention it, but please book an appointment with your doctor.

I'm really interested in the problems that started very early in your relationship.

Hope to hear back from you.