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Relationship respect

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I recently saw a text message on my partners phone to mate that said something about wild women I can't remember what my partner said in response but the next message from his friend was you can't your married to which my partner responded. "That doesn't worry me bring 4 of them"

We have a big history of trust issues, secrecy and flirting on his side which we were working on and I thought he wasn't like that any more. He has said it was just a joke with a mate and all men joke like that and it doesn't mean anything

It has hurt me, scared me and I feel saying something like that as even a joke is wrong and disrespectful to the relationship. It's showing his mate he has no respect for me. I also feel to say something like that there has to be an element of truth behind it.

Am I over reacting because of past hurts with him or am I justified.
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Hello Muff, and a warm welcome.

If there is a ' history of trust issues, secrecy and flirting on his side' then it's quite understandable that this text is a worry for you.

Both males and females play jokes on each other but friends know the consequences of what may happen if betrayed in this manner because it won't help the situation at all and can never be sure of what may happen.

To regain the trust in your marriage, this is only going to make you doubt any reform and assistance.

I'm not sure how else to help you, but if it was my marriage then measures to end these texts and the possibility of what may happen would need to end.

Best wishes.