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Relationship breakdown

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Been a in relationship for 6 years the last two have been hard I feel like I have lost who I am by trying to always make my partner happy when they are not mentally doing ok and haven’t looked for help to change we planned on going away and he has decided he couldn’t go for his mental health and felt like our relationship was doomed so I have decided to go on my own know he wants to change and get better but I’m not sure if I should stay or if maybe if I’m away we can both focus on ourselves on getting better and then worry about a relationship I have waited 2 years for this person to get better and it’s not healthy should I wait for more or go and focus on myself
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Hey Moody blues.

I imagine that your situation must be difficult to handle and that there is support for you to explore - for both of you. Try not to give up on your partner and focus on looking after both of your mental and physically wellness.

It's very important that you explore more appropriate options to help your husband which in turn will help you. In other words, by investing in improving your partners sickness, you can get a return on your investment.

Try watering your grass in a different way, it might end up growing really green.

Good luck 🙂

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Honey, you're trapped. Please stop and stop trying to please your partner. You should think first of all about yourself. What matters is what you want. Don't devote your life to another person, no one will appreciate it. I beg you, I beg. Leave him. You will continue to worry about him and his state of mind. And who cares about your feelings? And you also deserve care.
Such a relationship has no future. Even if you get married, your marriage will not last long. Then you need to file for divorce . And this is also stress. Why do you need this? Get away from your partner before it's too late. Take care of yourself, and love itself will find you.