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Real tough time, family, drugs & judgement

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Hi there, I would like advice on my family and how they behave towards me now that they know I have a drug problem, am nearly homeless and in serious debt. It seems now that I've distanced from them and am living with a partner that they do not approve of, they have changed their attitude towards me, its been very devastating how they have approached it. Im already feeling very low and shamed however I would like to know realistically if they really do care/understand what I'm going through or they are too obsessed with taking the matter into their own hands and disregarding how this affects me

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Hi Ashleigh, I guess my first question to you would be, "Does your partner also have a drug problem?" I ask that simply because a couple with a drug problem is 10 times worse than just 1 person. Trust me I have been there. You will probably find that they have changed their attitude to you because you have changed your attitude towards them. This always happens with drug addiction, we don't see it when we are immersed in what we are doing. Not knowing your family history it is hard to say what they may be thinking, but I know from personal experience that my family cared about me and were stressed out about my addiction. No one really understands, even if they have had addictions of their own, as we are all different and cope in different ways. You say they want to "take matters into their own hands", does that mean rehab? intervention? if so that is because they care. The only way that this can affect you is to help you clean up, which I think is a good thing. I really hope that you, and your partner, can turn this around and realise that your family cares more about you than any bottom feeding drug dealer.

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More information required. Especially, what are you doing to rectify the situation?