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Post break up blues compounded by health

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all,my exgirfriend broke up with me 3weeks ago f44 me 43.Which had absolutely shattered me.We were together for 3yrs and and the 6months was obviously very testing with me being depressed from lack of work at beginning of year.(am self employed trade.I first had an ex-wife of 13yrs who she was abusive and the next one was an alcoholic and prostitue that i found out after dating her for 3mths.Both of these relationships i broke off and was single for about 4yrs to find my true inner self which was needed.Then met my current ex and was a connection of love that id never had before and we could almost read each others minds.I truly adored her.

She broke up with me 3weeks ago and last 2weeks I've gone into NC and have learnt so much about relationships and what happened in ours.So i started self improvement working out and eating well etcc….and was starting to feel good about things and hope.

Then 2days ago i injured my lower back with a herniated disc and can't work and am bed or couch ridden.This time laying aroung is causing my existing depression to worsen and anxiety.Have been on antis for last 3mths…..But this injury has sucked the life out of me and can't believe the timing of it.Have had it once before.Feel so hopeless and down.They say a good thing to beat anxiety is to take up exercise…Cant even do that and I'm punishing my self and thinking about the woman i adored so much to compound things.

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi adamhere, welcome

Having had l4/l5 disc issues and other back problems I can understand. Also 3 long term relationships. My wife of 4 years is a pearler. Lovely lady. Stable and good relationship.

Time is your enemy now. You'll need to prioritise things. Get up and walking number 1, care for yourself, strive to return to work asap (being a previous investigator where much of my work was workplace fraud it pays to get back to work), and by then you'll feel better that time since your break up has been quite a while.

Then start dating again even if you don't want to. This is the best medicine for recovery of a past love.

You do have a fight on your hands in recovering. But as time goes by you will feel better. It's all about having the faith in yourself and making life what you strive for.

Thanks for writing in. It isn't easy at this time.

Tony WK