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Parents won't believe

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Parents can't bare the thought that their child, born from 2 families riddled with intense mental illnesses could have anything wrong with them. Since a doctor won't take me seriously as a student coming in for diagnosis, i asked my mum since my dads working the whole time the dr is open. I never planned to go far and tell the dr or my parents about how many things i may "think" i have, it was only for suspected ADHD because i just want to think like a normal person. She doesn't believe that i could ever have anything wrong with me, despite my parents joking how im clearly impaired, and just says im addicted to medication and "won't help me because all i want is drugs." Of course i want drugs, i want somethign to help me think normally, think im normal or make me forget im not normal.

What's the plan here, since i'm lost. Doctors wont take me seriously since im in high school clearly wanting drugs (again, because i actually need them) and my parents will never go with me or allow me to bring it up.

(Never mentioned anything specific when going to dr, but just listed my symptoms and got told to get blood test)

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome 159357 to the forum.

sorry it has taken a while to answer your post but this sometimes happens.

I understand how frustrating it must be for you when it seems your parents don’t believe that you have a mental illness.

I wonder is there anyone at school who could help you, maybe a sympathetic teacher, or a counsellor.

Would you consider talking to a support line. Beyond Blue Support Service 1300 22 4636

They have trained people who will,listen to you offering support, advice, action.

There is all also Headspace for young people.

Thanks again for your post.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi 159357,

Thanks for your post. I'm sorry that you've had this experience - it sounds like you're really committed to getting some help and yet keep getting knocked back by your parents and your GP. Reading your post it seems like they were very dismissive and didn't hear you out, when all you wanted is to try some medication to help you feel a bit more normal!

I agree with Quirky in finding someone to help. Even if you know what you need/want, it can be so important to have an advocate in your corner - someone who does listen, gets it, and wants to be on your side. Do you have anyone like that, or do you think you could find someone like that?

The other option of course is to try and see a different GP - some are much more open about mental health issues. It can be really hard, especially if you don't have people on your side, but being able to push and advocate for yourself is so important - so don't give up.


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Hi 159357. It's hard on kids who's parents won't listen or decide that so and so will 'grow out of it'. Having ADHD or any mental health complaint is difficult but when we try to convince our parents we need help because of depression or school issues it's like talking a foreign language. Headspace is specifically designed to guide youngsters with problems who need support. Kids Helpline is another organization that caters for youngsters. I gather talking to a school councilor is not something you wish to pursue. Any of the organizations (including the school councilor) are there for you. They are also bound by confidentiality and won't talk to your parents without your knowledge or consent. I'm sorry the Dr's aren't listening, that's sad. Please approach the organizations listed. You could also think about seeing a different Dr for a second opinion.