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Pancake - supporting husband through depression and anxiety

Community Member
Hi I’m new here. I want guidance as a wife supporting her husband through depression and anxiety. I need ways to cope with his mood swings so I don’t fall apart. I’m the breadwinner and a mum. I’ve put myself last as he isn’t helpful or supportive. I feel so alone in this journey but I want ways to cope with it so I don’t burn out. Thank you for listening.❤️
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Pancake,

welcome to beyond blue. Sort of tagging right now, as I have had a really long day, but a couple of links you want to look at and both are from beyond blue are:

It is wonderful that you are there for your husband, and as rightly pointed out you also need to cope and ensure you not burn out, worry too much or get depressed yourself. What sort of help is your husband getting, may I ask? Perhaps you could tell more of your story? And elaborate on how he is not helpful or supportive?

And for what it is worth, I am listening and at your side in the time of frustration and pain.