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Overprotective parents

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hi my name isNarelle and my parents won’t let me do anything that I want all I wanted to do is to send some one money for the orphanage somewhere and they are stopping me from doing this what should I do as I have got depression really really bad and my doctor is sending me to a psychiatrist and I don’t want to go and I just want to be rid of my parents on my case all the time what should I do
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Hi and welcome

Thankyou for using our forums.

Before I can help you a few questions-

  • How old are you?
  • Do you work or earn income?
  • You have bad depression, so why wouldnt you go to a psych for help?

Hope you get back to me.


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I am a 17 going on 18 year old guy, i have had parental issues, not like yours but i'll try my best to construct some advice.

You haven't explained a whole lot, so i don't understand the context per se. However foremost the assumption should always be your parents do it because they care about you. Always remember these people only intend to see you go far in life and not make the mistakes they possibly made.

Psychiatrist isn't some evil being centred around shaming you and embarrassing you amongst peers, like for some strange reason our generation seems to assume and judge. It is the same as any doctor, look at the model over the direct quotations, a physio therapist puts you through therapy to help with physical recovery, a GP might give you anti biotics to help fight an infection, mental therapy and antidepressants are exactly the same. If someone is going to judge you based on you seeking help or having depression, that person is not worth being your friend.

I have gone through a nasty disease in the last few years, i have however been resilient enough to luckily avoid any mental detriments, i have however been on the verge. It is very naive for me to even relate to depression or assume to know what is like, so i will restrain from that. However a psychiatrist will only help you get well, you should also try and help yourself as much as you can, don't worry about judgement or others, focus on yourself until you have the capacity to focus on other factors.

I spent 3 years going through CFS and IBD, my parents un-supportive, doubting and assuming deception. For a point there i was not awake more than 6 hours a day, i would eat maybe one meal a day. Doctors have helped me get to a point where i sleep normally, eat normally and start exercising again. My mother is still unhelpful, but it is with the intent to help, it is just she stresses far too much and possibly fell into depression her self, impacts her mood and thus impacts mine. Just be resilient, i will refrain from using push through it, as we all know here it simply isnt as easy as that, however be strong and believe yourself and whatever issues you face will soon be another obstacle surpassed, that only made you stronger.