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Nothing is going right

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hi I’m really new to this site. But I’ve heard of the support people get. As you probably have read the title, I feel like nothing is going right.

my best friend and I who promised to tell each other everything we are in a rocky place because of a guy. My parents are using me to tell all their problems too and always expect me to choose what to do for them, they are currently asking me if they should get divorced or stay together.

my brother lost his virginity to a girl, and can’t see that she is toxic for him and he is toxic for her. Because he is scared to lose the sex.

the rest of my family members know and I don’t know how to react to that.

but all I want to do is run away, I just want travel somewhere else and just never come back. And I think I would if it I hadn’t bought a dog and I would never leave him. Ontop of all of this I don’t frel like myself, everything in my life is just becoming something that I wish I never have to get up too. I don’t want to dress up anymore or go out or do any of the things that makes me happy. What should I do? Is it selfish for me to want to go away?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Sora

welcome to the forum. This is a safe caring and supportive place.

Yo answer your last question first. I think if you are going away because you want to travel and meet people and experience different things that is good but if you want to run away and leave prob;ems behind you may find you can't leave them and you may worry about them.

You have a lot on your plate. It make sit difficult for you when your parents want you to make decisions for them.

Besides your dog , is there any one in your life you can talk to and are there parts of your life which are going well.

By writing this post you have reached out and your story may help others.

If you want to chat you can ring the beyondblue support line 1300 22 4636.

Thanks again for writing your post.