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Hi there,

Decided to go to beyondblue because I am struggling with a lot of issues. Firstly my two adult children, fight continually like little children. Especially now with the coronavirus shut down. It is really putting me down and making me more anxious and depress.

My son has anxiety and depression and is diagnosed with Aspergers (Autism). He is in his early twenties and really struggles to find and maintain friendships. His sister happily tells him how much she dislikes him nearly every day, which she does not care.

My daughter struggles with anxiety because she says it is from her Father and brother and most likely me. She is fresh out of high school and has been isolated from her small amount of friends she has decided to keep.

My husband has cancer and so is scared stiff of getting coronavirus. He watches, read and listens to the updates witch increases his anxiety. Plus his monthly treatment causes his anxiety to increase. I am also sure he has depression but will not admit to that. He is a social body and isolating is killing him.

So with all that, I am still working as a support worker, and trying to be the rock of the family. Unfortunately that rock is slowing getting smaller. Tonight I could actually walk away and never return. So that is me.

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Reading through your post I can see that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Unfortunately, it is just too much for one person alone to bear.

I don't think that there is a simple answer to your dilemma; the situation will probable improve once this period of self isolation is lifted.

In the meantime, step back, and let your adult children sort out their own problems; the same for you husband. There is no need to get involved with every issue if you don't have to. Find some quite time for yourself; you can't help your family if the "rock" crumbles.

Just a few thoughts! Look after yourself first.