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Newby wanting to shake narcissism

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Gday all,

I am mid 40's and have been in a relationship for four years. I have been marked as narcissistic and know that i am now that i have been told and read up on symptoms.

I am trying to get away from being narcissistic but i always have a setback every couple of weeks that, now after 4 years in my current relationship I am starting to wonder if i can shake the stigma.

Growing up I have not known any other way. My mother was a huge influence on me and i chose to surround myself with other narcs in the past 30 year's. From so called friends to bosses. I have little contact with my mother now (my own choice) to try and break the cycle. It has worked a bit but I still and tripping over and my wfe is at wits end...

I don't want to loose her but am stuck trying to shake this demon. Are there any others out there that have shaken the narcissism?

Thank you for reading.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

welcome to this forum .

may I ask exactly what it is that you do that is Narcisstic .? Listing some examples would help I think .

you know just being aware of it ...is a monumental step . Usually narcissistics are in too deep to admit there is an issue .

Im not narcissistic but I know someone that is ...an extreme one ...and this person has a complete disregard of anyone else but herself . And sees the world relvolving around them and them alone . Quite scary really .and she is totally oblivious that is the case .

from your post ...you don’t sound narcisstic ...lol ...u have empathy for your wife .

Can I ask you ...if you think your narcissism stems from some form of insecurity ?

usually that is the case .

but there is plenty of information to curb it ...but I believe you have taken a very positive step coming to this forum .

i think definitely tell your wife you are making positive steps to ensure she understands and supports you .

Keep writing ...hope to hear from you soon