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Newbie, burnt out single Mum in need of suggestions and ideas.

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Im a newbie. Ive always a strong determined independent person. Life hasn’t been easy but I always managed to get through it and come out on top. I have a good secure job, am a single Mum to a 14 yo with special needs.

Now I find myself in this situation ... burnt out, stressed, anxious and depressed. I’m on anti depressants, after taking 4 weeks off work, have returned on modified duties. I’m angry, frustrated and disappointed that I am in this position.

My sons needs intensified over the last 18 months. It has been so stressful juggling his needs with full time work. Work in itself has been stressful. Added to that ... navigating the NDIS!!!

My life has consisted of caring for my son and work. His father is not in the picture.

I haven’t looked after me unfortunately and now I’m suffering. I need help. I have constant feelings of overwhelm. I’m exhausted.

My doc has increased my meds this week so I know it will take time and potentially feel worse before I feel better

I moved to a new town 2 years ago to make s fresh start with my son I haven’t been able to make any friends I’ve tried to seek out opportunities to meet other mums but haven’t ‘clicked’ now I feel so exhausted I don’t have any energy or motivation to keep trying

I’m looking for ideas/suggestions that will help I need to keep working full time so can’t cut down hours

are there any support groups in Ballarat area that anyone knows of?

thanjs for listening and allowing me to vent.

Lexie34 😊

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Champion Alumni

Hello Lexia, and can I give you a warm welcome to the site.

I can certainly feel the anxiety and stress from reading your comment because not only have you moved town, you're working full time and looking after your son, as you know that's an incredible amount to cope with.

Trying to 'navigating the NDIS' is a nightmare because you have so many questions or queries that it's impossible to find any answer so that's also frustrating.

The Community Health Centre (03) 5338 4500 will have ideas to help you, plus they also have counsellors, ask your council, they have people who will come and clean your house, ideas when your son comes home from school.

Pinarc Disability Support (03) 5329 1370

The Tipping Foundation - Ballarat Office (03) 5320 0300

ARCVIC -anxiety recovery centre 20 Eastwood Street, Ballarat.

Mental health support (03) 5320 4100

Australian Mental Health Services (03) 4343 1333

Some or none of these maybe helpful to you, I hope so.


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Hi Geoff,

Thank you for your warm welcome and suggestions. I will definitely explore a couple of them.

NDIS is a nightmare!! It shouldn’t be so complicated. Lucky my son has me to advocate for him. I feel sorry for people who are unwell and lack advocacy support. I’m sure some people just give up.

thanks again, regards,


Hi Lexie

You certainly sound like you've got a lot going on - managing full time work around your son and his needs, a recent move, and generally not having much support. It's totally understandable that you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, I think anyone in your situation would feel the same!

I think we often see carers who neglect their own needs and prioritise those of the people we're caring for. Unfortunately there comes a time when there's nothing left and it sounds like you might be getting there yourself. We can't 'fill' other's cups (of those we care for) if there's nothing left in our own cup; if that makes sense!? It sounds like you would really benefit from a bit of respite, from wherever you can find it.

Have you managed to follow up on some of Geoff's great suggestions? Unfortunately I'm not aware of what's available in the Ballarat area - is your NDIS contact able to assist you with support options?

I hope you're able to keep exploring possible resources, supports and social opportunities etc to help you out.

All the best, SammyD