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New To Depression

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Hi Lovely ppl

Well where do I start a few months ago I found out that my partner has depression.

He came to me and was honest about everything we went to the doctors and he started antidepressants tablets A few weeks in everything was going great, his anger towards me had seem to disappear and I felt like it was the old him, then without any word I found out that he had stopped the tablets and everything just seem to go downhill he told me he didn’t love me he didn’t want to be with myself and our daughters he was happy for me to keep the house and he would just move away. I just want to know how to deal with stuff like this I want to know if it’s really him or it’s going cold turkey on the tablets????? I’m beyond frustrated at the moment because once I found out that he had depression I was conscious of every think that I would say to him how I would act trying to be positive reassuring him that every think in the household is perfect and now after a massive few nights of just arguing he goes back to like nothing has happened like every think is perfect again . Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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this sounds like a really tough situation for you. I can see how you would become frustrated by this behaviour when you're trying your best to do anything you can. It's important I think to remember the issue is not yours to carry, you can only aid as much as he will allow and the rest is up to him unfortunately. I've been through trying to help a loved one get the help they need and at the end of it I just felt emotionally exhausted and failed to help them get results as they simply didn't want my help. It's tough feeling helpless, what is important is looking after yourself so you can support your children too. All the best with what you're going through, it's definitely not easy. Stay strong and be a patient as you can. At some point there may be no more you can do.

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Also there is another section of the forum for people supporting love ones with mental health issues. You might be able to find some better tips in there.