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Need help to understand and help my partner

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My partner is a 56yr old woman that has PTSD, Depression ,and alcoholism, the relationship has deteriorated to the extent that I have asked her to leave as she wont face her demons or seek help , we constantly argue, I am disappointed in her and always angry, mainly because I have to carry the load as she sleeps most of the day with hangovers etc. have I done the wrong thing by asking her to leave.??
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Valued Contributor

Hello Luckyball,

It is reassuring to think other people will be around your partner's mum if she goes to live with her. I'm just not sure your partner can be trusted to tell anyone of her problems with her mental health & alcohol while she can hide it, so I would be considering having a quiet word with the brothers, so they can be prepared if problems do arise.

& I am wondering, about you, & what all this means for your relationship with your partner. Mentally/emotionally how are you travelling?

I'm hoping you find some time to care for yourself.


Hi mmMekitty

I am to say the least gutted by this event, however I have supportive friends that I can approach if needed.

Thank you for your concern.