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My partner treats me with silence and won’t talk

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I’m currently in a relationship where I constantly try to engage my partner in a conversation, all I get is one word answers and excuses about why he isn’t available to talk right now, when I get frustrated and angry he tells me i’m over reacting and i’m imagining it all because he does talk. I can’t tale it anymore i feel I’m going mad !!!!!
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hi Pinkjules1984,

Good communication is critical in any relationship and is the key to relationship survival.

Does he need time to express himself. Some ppl open up in time, others r simply closed books.

Getting angry and frustrated is understandable but might make him close up.

Perhaps he's not the best communicator and just doesn't feel comfortable talking. Some ppl r like that.

Feel free to share more if u like.


He is an amazing communicator just not with me. Working from home has allowed me to see the man I fell in love with. The way he talks to people with his job and his work colleagues is the man I fell in live with. I barely get more than 1 word at a time out of him. I can’t take it anymore

Hi Pinkjules,

Oh ok. Do U know why he's resisting communication?

That would be beyond frustrating.

I sincerely hope he starts talking...

No idea when challenged he makes comments like he’s too busy with work, he didn’t hear me, i’m over reacting he does talk and I’m making it up etc. What ever i say he has a teenager response too. I’m at then end of the road and I can’t take it anymore