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My kids are being used against me

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I have two kids under 10 and I see them every second weekend. 

I have court orders in place to say I have visitation rights. 

My ex is using my daughter as a weapon, if I don't talk to him when he demands I will not be allowed to see her. Yet if I request to talk to him... I have to take legal steps and sent it to his lawyer or mail, but he will not give me his address or who is lawyer is. 

I was proventred from seeing her for 3 months, 8 weekend visits, because I was 10 mins late home from work on her drop of night.. I informed him early I was goin to be under half hour late.. But he wouldn't let me see her.. 

Its like anything he can find to make it hard for me he will.. 

I have tried legal action but I can't afford a lawyer and legal aid is taking for ever. I feel hopeless 

i just want to see her and give her a massive hug.

He was to drop he off last weekend.. He came with her only, to inform me that he has sold his house n he is leaving the state.. She was in the car but I couldn't see her. 

It's literally tearing me apart this has been goin on for 3 years and its affecting me so much I just don't know what to do.. I'm an emotional mess all the time even my friends have backed off a bit because I'm always down and unhappy.. I just can't live like this.. 

My kids are my world.. It's driving me to thoughts of suiside.. And self harm I just not coping with it anymore

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Hi Tiny tears.  You poor thing.  I think you'll find he's bluffing about taking the kids interstate.  I don't think he can, without your permission.  Having said that, you need legal advice, now.  Are you having any sort of counselling?  There are some lawyers who advertise no win, no fee.  Perhaps you could start ringing around to get some legal advice.  Some lawyers give 20 minutes more or less free, by phone.  Maybe someone from BB could help you with the legal side. 

Please keep in touch.  Maybe someone reading this knows what you could do.

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Hey Tiny tears

Your heart must be breaking, it must hurt so much not to be able to even hold your own sweet little girl. I'm so sorry.

 I am unable to advise you either in regards to the legal side of things. But like pipsy said, it doesn't seem right that he could take her interstate. Oh I long to help you more or something. For I do so much care about you and your children.

With love and many many hugs,

Shelley xx