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My husband can't decide if he is going to leave me

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I was very closed off for a while due yo my own issues and now he has finally told me how much that has hurt him I have apologised many times.

He cannot believe me that it won't happen again. The more I try the more he pulls away.

I have told him I love him so much and will give him time to make the decision that is right for him.

But I know him and he will leave. It hurts so much. Waiting to know is torture

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Valued Contributor
Hello Can't, you sound very sad and full of regret at the moment. What I also see in your post is this real sense that you are the one left waiting, with no control over what happens, that it is your husband who holds all the cards and will be the one who decides your future. You really want to keep this marriage together but you're fearing the worst, and are already thinking about what might happen next. You mention that you're giving him time to make a decision that is right for him. What do you think would be right for you at the moment? Not big things, of course, but how you might take care of yourself through these next few days, or how we can help you here by talking. Please let us know. You may have been closed off before, but I hope you feel you can be open here if it will be helpful.

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I just want him to stay. Can't look after myself or anyone else.

Can't breathe properly let alone anything else. No matter what I try to do I can't escape my own mind.

The pain, fear and panic is everywhere I go

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I just wanted to check in to see how you are going. Mine told me after 10 years, a house and marriage that he doesn't know if he wants responsibilities and doesn't know what he wants so I left, went to family a 2 day drive away and am yet to come back to the town but take things slow. We are on 5 weeks of space apart and he was pretty adament to leave but then sent mixed messages.

How is your progress?