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My adult life feels like i have nothing to show for it now.

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Im 28. I feel like my adult life has just slipped away. I was with the same guy for the past 8 years and we recently went our separate ways. I didnt feel sad or upset when we came to an end because i had in my head felt like we ended much earlier and i didnt really mourn him at all.
Since him i meet a guy, i didnt really let him in and pushed him away. He wanted to be something but i pushed and when i was ready he said i had ruined it for him by pushing him away. I have never felt so rejected in my life. This one guy who has only had a small print in my life, barely 6 months and i felt like my whole heart had been pulled out and broken to pieces. He says im killing him and now some how i need to let go but its really hard..
why is this breaking me ? is it a combination of all my pain rolled into one and hes pushing me off the edge?
i just dont' feel okay. i dont feel okay.
i feel like i could disappear and nobody would notice.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Ellecat!

There would be many people that would notice if you disappeared....seriously. You are strong by posting about the pain you are going through.

Can I ask if you have had allowed time to pass after your partner of 8 years? This is a long relationship and we need time to heal afterwards....as you know. After an eight year relationship I would be as heartbroken as you are after being rejected

It is okay not to feel okay Ellecat....This would be a difficult time for you. There is no rush where relationships are concerned.

The forums are a Safe and judgement free place for you to post Ellecat. Your privacy and well being are paramount to the Beyond Blue Forums

I really hope you can post back when its convenient for you. There are many gentle people on the forums that can be here for you 🙂

my kind thoughts