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Met someone while traveling.. had to part ways

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Hi there,

I’m currently traveling in Australia on a working visa and I met a guy. He’s in Australia and is German. We had a 4 month fling (I lived with him for 5 weeks) and we decided to part ways. He is looking to get sponsored to stay in Australia and once my visa expires I have no way to stay. I’m absolutely heartbroken, we both really miss each other but we know this is for the best.

We decided to part way now because if we continued on for another 6 months or so we knew we’d both get hurt even worse.I keep thinking there are ways to make it work, but I think I might just be so desperate for a way to make it work when I know it never would.

Were we right to make this decision? I’ve been heartbroken for 3 weeks, I’ve never had such a strong connection with someone before.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Receccaann,

What a beautiful connection you made while in Australia! It's painful to leave someone you love behind, and the questions that arise in your mind as you try to process your feelings will leave you feeling uncertain about your decision.

But the thing is, there is no right decision. Heartbreak is a part of life, everyone goes through it at some point. It certainly sounds like the two of you properly thought this over. So perhaps it's time to trust that decision you made and ride out the heartbreak. I know this is easier said that than done, but I'm basing this on your own admission that continuing the relationship will lead to more pain for both of you. Breakups are always hard and it's normal to get desperate and wish for ways to make the relationship work. But in reality, we can't change the circumstances or the probable outcomes. That is life.

Try distracting yourself with hobbies during this period, and when you feel up to it (even if it's months later), start meeting new people. Months down the road, you may make another beautiful connection and this time, one that could last in the long-term. Hang in there.

Take care,