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making friends

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hi everyone.

hope yous all had a good xmas and new year

was wondering how youd be able to make a few good friends similar age bracket to me (33) that you regularly hang around with and do something once in a while, just dont have anyone to do certain things with, and would love for it to happen.

friends have moved away and cousins who have used to go up and spend time with and also family events now have kids and while its not completely impossible to go up and spend time with them, it is harder now because of having kids and also because they got back into go karts and do it nearly every weekend.

those same cousins raced go karts quite a few years ago for a while stopped doing go karts and have got back into them again.

now coming to realisation and have done for a while that they have moved on and its time to make more friends similar age.

also know someone who has a seemingly never ending supply of facebook friends and seems to have a heap and know a heap as well and they were probably from before the coronavirus came.

what are ways to make friends during the coronavirus, one way is meetup.com which brings the next question.

everytime you go on meetup.com and search for my area nearest is always the closest capital city and was wondering how to get a meetup happening in my area to likely meet people hopefully similar age in the area or set one up yourself that regularly happens.

is there a way to make friends similar age when you currently work for a place thats open weekends where theyre likely out doing stuff to allow you to hang in there until the time is right to make the change to do something else which may only have a occasional weekend day if at all and for not as long, sometimes with jobs and everything else you have to hang on until the times right.

do like camping here and there and slowly setting car up to do a little bit where you can take a normal 2wd car so once starting that it might start with a couple people and then more and more people may turn up


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hey car10001,

I'll be your friend. Am also 33 and not many friends myself. Well I do have some... they're hard to find nowadays (I do prefer making those friends that are honest and true friends, ones I feel 100% comfortable with, not just acquaintances). I find them in the same interest circles. Local community meet ups of same interests kinda thing. But i guess it all depends where one lives. Being rural makes it harder then living in a city.
Camping is good, I got to go camping as soon as the ring of steel got lifted in ViC. It was so good, by the river, fishing, fire to cook on and relaxation with nature. The best!
I hope you can wrangle up a few good friends ASAP to enjoy some outings with.
Maybe we may cross paths one day... but till then I am always here to lend a ear and to have a yarn anytime.
TC, Renée

mocha delight
Community Member
Hi car10001 I’m 32 and I’m here if you ever need to chat

hello 🙂 i'm 35...

happy to chat.