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Major Life Events

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A recent major life event triggered severe anxiety and caused me to feel tingling, exhaustion, upset stomach, and became very overwhellem and huge amounts of crying, i miss my family. The event was moving into my new place with my partner who i met 5 years ago. The sad part was that i realised i was not going to go home. I think when i went to boarding school and left home at 14 has a link to my severe anxiety and maybe some loss and grief. Even though at a young age i missed my family at Boarding school. The first time i went to boarding school my mum said if you dont like it after a week you can come home. I didnt like it and decided to come home. However once i decided to call home i felt better and decided to stay for 4 more year.

However now with any major life event i will trigger severe anxiety and want to go home. I can get bad thoughts and feel sick as mentioned above. I have tried things such as avoiding the anxiety such as not going on planes or holidays as i miss my family and i feel like i want to go home. I always thought at boarding school i would go home, however i never went back home. When i was home sick or missing family at boarding school i would study hard as i dont like the feeling. I then got into university because of my good marks. I felt so sick the first week of uni.
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Hello Little Help

You are right. Changes in one's life can most definitely trigger anxiety. I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember. Unexpected changes or changes brought about by others or unforeseen circumstances would affect me, and bring on anxiety. Still do but I've made a commitment to myself to always work on it. I think you have too and this is why you've reached out to BB and us folk who most likely have experienced similar to yourself. Well done you!

You said you had anxiety on going to boarding school but on ringing home and speaking to your mum who said you could return home if you wanted to, you then opted to stay at boarding school. Are you away from home at uni now? Can you ring home again? It may just be that once again you need to know that you can return home if you want, but you'll choose to stay put? Sometimes knowing we have the choice to back out if we want is enough motivation to help us continue on our journey. A safety net.

When I was in high school and being bullied, I rang my mum from the phone box, crying and telling her it was all too much, and Injust wanted to give up. I made that call instead of just simply leaving school that day because deep down I didn't really want to give up, I just wanted to hear my mum's opinion. Certainly she responded that giving up was an option but I had worked hard to this point, achieved much, and mum questioned me as to what giving in to myself and the bullies would achieve. I felt slightly stronger after that. I worked hard. It wasn't easy and the bullies got bored and moved on to something else. Finishing school was one of the best things I did for me. Set me up for life. Anxiety still my companion of course but that's a part of me. Perhaps a chat to a GP will makes thing clearer for you. Will give you a face to face support person too. Is there supper people at the uni too?

Take care sweet. Here to help as are the others.

Pet 😊