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Lost and lonely

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I have suffered from anxiety for years & depression so far back into my teenage years that I don’t remember a time without it. I’ve struggled my entire adult life, with trying to find my purpose. What makes me happy. What I truly love. i walked away from a serious relationship w few years ago, because I was unhappy and I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted. But now I look back and Wonder if I had of put more effort into working on the relationship and finding myself would it have worked? I have been in a relationship since with a man, who I now know was a selfish person. In whom was ignorant and unwilling to try and understand my anxiety. He left me when my anxiety was chronic, suffering from panic attack daily. I haven’t heard from him since.

i feel lonely and lost. I don’t know what my purpose on this earth is. And how to find it.

What do others do? To overcome anxiety and find there purpose in Life?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi and welcome to bb Blue mountains

Its hard isnt it living with this pain, the good news is depression and anxiety both can be controlled and has been in many cases overcome.

It can though be difficult to manage on your own I'm wondering if you have or had professional help in the way of counselling or with a psychologist. Your GP can get you started with a Mental health care plan MHCP if you choose this option. Do you take meds at all.

Although distraction doesnt cure or fix underlying causes it can be a good help to be able to divert thoughts with anxiety. Do you have interests hobbies exercise which is a really good stress release I walk hills but walking is great without hills too.

Sounds like a good thing not being around someone who didnt understand or want too, would have added to your stress I imagine

I can relate to not knowing your purpose, maybe thats down to us realising what we want to be doing which Yes its hard to figure isnt it but eventually hopefully when we work through depression those walls will come down and we'll be able to see a path.

You're welcome to talk anytime if you like

Wishing you well ☺