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Looking for advice

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Hi all

There is someone I have really taken an interest to in my workplace to the point where I'd like to ask him if he'd be happy to come out for a drink. We get along well and he seems a very lovely man. The only way I can contact him is if I see him at work (which I never know when I will see him as It is shift work and we don't work together directly) or through work email (which I have sourced though my email). I am at the point where I feel like a teenage girl and always have him on my mind and think that I can't wait to ask him if it comes up in conversation as I don't know when I would see him again. Is this something you would all suggest be asked in person? Or would there be any harm in sending though an email?

Any guidance would be great


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey anon ..do it already ...follow your heart honey .

whats the worse that can happen ?

its definitely ok for a girl to make a first move ...nothing wrong at all...please let me know how u go ...

im right behind you cheering you on

seize opprtunities !! Don’t be left out not knowing what could have happened .i rather have tried ..and failed ...then left wondering what could have been ...hehe

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Send the email ...and then when u see him ...it’s an open for you ...lol good luck ...u go girl !!!

Thankyou! I've emailed and now awaiting a reply, and I will still ask in person 🙂 I feel better now, yes I'd much rather try and fail than go on wondering

Cool ...that’s awesome ..I hope it all goes well . Even if it doesn’t ...you have had fun ...hehe

keep smiling 🙂

Thanks for your support guys. I sent the email the other day and still awaiting a reply! I assume being the weekend things are a little slow, not helping my thoughts ! Any further suggestions to help combat this ?

Hey u ..don’t stress ...it will work out in the end . If it is meant to be ...trust the universe to deliver .u have done what you can and have no regrets 🙂

just pop on Michael jackson blame it on boogie and dance girl

Hi WeAllNeedHelp

Great to hear that you followed your heart. Sometimes people take a while to digest sudden surprises. This is not always a bad thing when people take time in making a decision. He may be hurt in the past and weighing up again if he wants a relationship? When people ask people out sometimes it takes time to decide if they like a date. This is not your fault or you have done something wrong. You did everything right and I hope that you get a lovely reply.

All my best.


Thanks for the last couple of replies guys, this had made me feel a little better, I guess I just need to stop being impatient and let things happen how they are supposed to 🙂