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Long distance relationship during covid

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I just found out my long distance girlfriend who I haven't been able to see since Feb last year because of covid is possibly cheating on me.
I am madly in love with her, has been so hard being away for so long because of the virus. I have been working my ass off doing 2 jobs. I have done 4 20 hour days and a 28 hour day with minimal sleep trying to make 10 grand to try and get to her or get her a visa to come here. She has been my everything for almost 2 years. The one I would do anything for and have been trying so hard to keep it working. A mutual friend contacted me and said she is about ready to give up on me and has possibly had another guy on the side.
She messaged me separately and said she really wants to come here and can I keep working on her visa. It has been so hard being away from her almost 18 months as it is.

I am stuck and have no idea what to do and who to believe. 😓
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Valued Contributor

Heya Ryan2021,

Warm welcome to the forums. I can see you're having it hard with your long distance relationship. It becomes very tricky when maintaining a long distance relationship, especially with the whole Covid situation, and having no idea on when will the borders open up for international travelling.

Despite the Covid lockdown and the limitations of what you can do within a long distance relationship, you've done well in trying to maintain and keep it going. It's really strong of you to be working 2 jobs to earn enough money to sponsor for her Visa. However, please remember to take care of yourself and your own needs first. 10k is a substantial amount of money. I'm afraid that if you do commit the 10k to her, but the outcome is not what you desire, you may feel cheated and that all your effort will only result with resentment and anger.

Out of curiosity, as much as she wants to be with you, and that she really wants to come 'here', has she ever spoken about contributing to the cost of the visa to get her to you?


Hey JT!

Thank you for such a quick reply.

We had spoken about paying half each. But with covid she lost her job and had no money coming in. I weighed up the cost for me to go to her compared to getting her here and they were similar. If I went there I can't work and her having no job means no income. If she came here I can work still and get her working and have 2 incomes. Made sense to get her here. I have a friend over there who is filling me in and it sounds like she has been doing a lot of bad stuff without me knowing. Lucky I have found out now before spending all the hard earned!