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Hey All, I've been separated for six months and living alone for the first time. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am keeping as busy as possible, but when I get home to an empty house I really struggle. I do voluntary work and belong to several groups, but I find I am constantly on dating sites. Any suggestions welcome. TIA
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white knight
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Hi D&A welcome

I felt similar years ago until I found a hobby, model airplanes. My wife also felt the same until she found adult colouring books.

Mind diversion is great for filling in time.

My daughter found her true love online. They will marry next year.

Its a good way to go because you can match up your personality/interests.

Tony WK

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Champion Alumni
hello D&A, can I ask if there is any chance of relationship counselling that may bring you back together, or maybe you have gone down that path already.
I can recall this happening with me, but I had a dog that always wanted my attention, however it still didn't stop how lonely I felt and at that stage I didn't have a computer.
Are there any social clubs that have a 'get together' at night time where you could meet someone or invite a small group home to your house.
With your illness are you getting help for this BPD, and if you aren't then would it possible to see your doctor who may want to put you on medication which would then help you. Geoff.

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I am going through stages of separation my self now, while I will have my son (20 mnths) I am terrified of the lonely aspect that will come. I have been in a relationship with the same woman for over 17 years and married 11 years and I am only mid 30s now so it has been all my life with this person and I am scared of it being over and the loneliness that will come. Even though we live under the same roof we live in seperate rooms now and she is going to her parents most weekends so I guess I am lonely now..