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Lonely and hurting on the inside.

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Hi I'm new here and it's hard for me to talk about my problems.

I have been without friends or partner for many years now and I'm finding myself struggling to cope with the loneliness

I have BPD and depression and on top of the I have OCD so it's not fun trying to control all the emotions that I deal with ever day.

I used to have mates and a fiance but all my mates seem to move away stop talking to me even if I tried to talk to them and I found my fiance cheating on me so that ended the relationship after 11 years of being together

I am.also trying to help my mum and dad as they are really sick and in doing so brings back memories of watching my sister die of cancer so that is also hard for me.

I'm finding it hard to be motivated or even want to wake up in the morning as I feel there is nothing really left for me.

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It must be very hard for you.

I can tell it’s been difficult and I hope things will get better or become easier to cope with for you.

I can very much relate to the feeling of demotivation, not wanting to get up in the morning, It’s a struggle. I find what makes it easier for me is to find something you enjoy doing, distract yourself from the loneliness you feel, I usually draw or read a book to keep my thoughts from overflowing.

I hope you will find something that makes you feel better or to at least help you cope, feeling alone can be a really horrible feeling.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

I hope I, or someone else can help you with these feelings you have,

take care. 🙂