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Living with a physical dissability and no support

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So, I know I'm fed up with how much pain I'm in on a regular basis, and I'm fed up with long it took a health care professionals to advise of my broken spine.

I feel not only do doctors not take me seriously, but neither does my husband.

I should not be lifting or bending or sitting, I can stand or lay down that's it.

I have explained my symptoms to my husband millions of times, but he fails to have foresight in regards to my well being.

I'll ask him to put away my laundry, hell cut me off and say its mine so I should do it, I have to verbally fight back to remind him of how much pain I'm in.

And he will go and hide in the computer room,or crack it at me and ignore me for 24 hours and pretend it never happened, but I want to talk about it with him for the sake of our relationship, he will repeat the above again.

so if I need anything I have to msg him online and text, wait a few minutes, and call him.

He won't hear me calling out because he "needs his noise cancelling headphones on ".

Is anyone experiencing anything like this?

I'm feeling so sad and isolated by everything I'm going threw and I have literally no one to talk to about this except my psychologist.

Again, I can't talk to my husband because he takes offence and ignores me.

I'll be getting surgery soon, I'll loose the ability to walk temporarily, I am so scared for my well being whilst under recovery because I truly feel I don't have any one to help me.

The only positive I have is once I've recovered I won't need to rely on him and he'll be much happier.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Jellis2411,

I hear your frustration and that you feel you're fed up with being mistreated and judged by people?
It's not a nice feeling having close ones and professionals leaving you feeling unheard, misinterpreted or unsupported, especially when you have physical pain and need some support.

Maybe someone could try mediate between yourself and your husband? Someone who is able to look at things objectively and unbiased towards either of you? Just a thought.

Have you looked into see if you are eligble for funding/support under the NDIS? It may be worth speaking with your medical professional who has diagnosed and referred you onto surgery to see whether you fall into any NDIS support area's or any other services they could offer?
You shouldn't have to go through this all alone and be expected to upkeep your able bodied routine.

Have you got any other support from family or friends?

Sounds like you need a nice holiday away to just relax, unwind and take a breather!
Try and focus on what you can resolve / change and spend less time or energy on those area's you don't have control over, and slowly let things progress and see what happens..

Hope you're feeling a bit better now.
Sending you positive vibes and strength!
Be good to yourself!

Thanks for understanding.

Ive been trying very hard to contact individuals and no go.

Literally, my direct family are all dead minus one physically abusive older brother that left me worse for wear.

As I write this, it's 12 weeks without an income from centrelink because I asked and begged my husband for bank statement and tfn, he gave me attitude about it, I couldn't submit my claim.

My gp is a bit of an idiot, I plan on going to a different one, and getting refferalls from my neurosurgeon for support.

But I can't afford the scans I need until centrelink approve and give me a health care card.

And centrelink won't approve until my husband helps me.

I'm so stuck

Hello Jellis, and I hear the pain you are going through and the difficulty you are having, I am truly very sorry.

Can I suggest you contact your bank and ask them to send all your statements through to you online, that's what my bank does to me, so I can look at them anytime I want to.

You can then send these through to Centrelink for assessment.

If you are not happy with your GP then please find another one, because with your injury you need someone who will help you in every way possible.

Please let us know how you are going.

Best wishes.


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Thanks for the reply Geoff

It's his bank account statement that I have to ask for. So I have no choice but to yell to get this.

Got a new gp who actually read my report and agrees my spine is broken

I've stopped all medications (anti ds, pain killers) and feel much better mentally, but I have little to no help around the house.

I'm always using foresight to help manage my pain and to make sure my husband's life's a little better. But there's no foresight used by him for me.

I figure, I'll keep physically struggling so I'll get worse and maybe get fixed sooner so I can recover and not have to rely on anyone.