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It’s supposed to be easier than this

Community Member
Hey, I honestly thought talking to someone would actually be easier than this. The online chat was only to point in directions of things to sign up for, now I’m here on a social media thing and not even sure anyone is actually going to read this....
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello HydeSans

Welcome to the forums and good on you for having the courage to post too!

The forums are a non judgemental place for you to post and your privacy is paramount to Beyond Blue

Can I ask what is on your mind if thats okay?

Im Paul and its good to meet you. I used to have chronic anxiety which was followed by depression for a few years.

You are not alone here Hyde

my kind thoughts


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello HydeSans,

I'd like to also Welcome you to the forums.

Its so hard to write that first post isn't it? I remember my very first post, I must have written out and deleted it what seemed to me hundreds of times but probably around ten or so times...

HydeSans, it doesn't matter how much or how little you say, maybe just talk about the weather or anything you want to until you feel comfortable about talking about you, and then it's only what you want to say...

I really hope we hear back from you so we know that your okay... I'm also pleased to have met you HydeSans and hope to hear from you again soon..

Kind and caring thoughts,


Community Member

Welcome bud, I read your post.