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Issues with Mother on Mother's Day

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My entire life, my Mum has never been a fan of birthdays, christmases, easter, any kind of family holiday thing. I missed out on what I felt like is a lot of family bonding time because both my parents were so negative around all of them. And I used to hate it but now I just accept I can never get involved in Christmases etc like I want to.

So, really, I dread my birthday and Christmas the exact same way they did when I was growing up.

But now for some reason, for the first time in ever, my Mum got upset with me because I didn't do anything for mother's day for her.

Am I a bad guy for not doing anything? Even though any year previously I've asked what she wants she never wants anything, or always blows anything off?

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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Well my “theory” is that she and your father don’t celebrate these special days because they are anti- fuss.

Some people dislike being the centre of attention but like to be acknowledged in a low key manner.

So maybe you’ve recoiled a little too much for her liking.?

You can always give her flowers on another day with the caption “I missed the traditional day but every day is mother’s day”