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Is my girlfriend hiding something bigger?

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I have recently seen on my girlfriend's call logs (after she left it unlocked and I was looking for a contact time of a mutual friend) and noticed she has been masking lots of calls with an 1831 in front of the mobile number and when she is alone, each call might be 20-40 seconds long and all outgoing calls only. Each mobile is unique and I'm confused as to why she is doing this? I tried to confront her but she said it was just missed calls she was calling back and listened to who they are.. She might call 4-6 numbers randomly when she is alone. Is this a sign of drugs or prostituting? I'm worried and fear she is involved in something more sinister. Does anybody have any ideas of what it is and how I approach her on this?

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Hi DavoC, welcome

You could be right, but I'd suggest you proceed with caution until such time as your evidence is more concrete.

I say this as I, like many, have presumed only to suffer a relationship fracking.

Take for example when internet first came on the scene. My computer was infected with a 20 second porn. Initially I believed my teenage step son had used my computer. Thankfully I found out it was a hack. Then that same step son a few years later at 18yo texted me in error words like "I'll pick up the grass in town now". I this time confronted him but I was wise enough to simply ask not assume the worse. He took me to his car to open the boot and exposed rolls of ready made lawn!! All for his bosses new home.

Situations like that and yours can me devastating for the other person when confronted - if innocent and these days of marketing creeping into our lives through every orifice, every opportunity, it can be really unfair.

However, the sooner you establish one way or the other the better. Monitor things from a distance. A bit of time wont hurt in the process.


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All the best.

Tony WK

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Blue Voices Member
Hi Davo, it could be that she was receiving missed calls. I think you should bring it up another time again and just say that you're concerned about what she's doing, that you wont judge her no matter what it is and would just like to know because you care about her. If you're really concerned about her behaviour you could perhaps talk to a trusted friend or adult that knows her. Good luck.

Hi Davo, and hi Jessica and Tony:)

I thought it sounds like she's checking up on missed calls too. Maybe she has a phone number (like mine) that is always getting robo-spammed. If you pick up those calls , or call back using your number, the spammers increase their calls. So its smart to mask your number if a lot of your missed messages are just robo spam.

When I've checked those messages myself, 20-40 seconds sounds about right.

I hope its nothing more serious than that. I'd think there would be other signs, if it were the kind of things you're worried about. I hope things turn out well 🙂